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David Allen Water Based Painter / Scultpure
David Allen Water Based Painter / Sculpture

David Allen is a prolific artist who specializes in watercolor and acrylic media. He has taught art for over thirty years to high school students and adults. His paintings and sculptures are included in many public and private collections. Allen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education at the University of Minnesota at Mankato. Currently, he resides in Northfield, Minnesota.

“I love to paint small towns especially those that take a unique interest in their community,” he says. “I try to capture the feelings of timelessness and tradition that these towns offer, attempting to invoke the kind of nostalgia that we all feel for the places we grew up in. It is a responsibility and a pleasure to paint something that represents the pride, history, and sense of community that these communities display. Paintings of college campuses are also a favorite of mine because they bring back the same kind of nostalgia.

“I also enjoy painting family homes, farms, and businesses. I am often commissioned to create these heirloom paintings,I am very honored that they entrust me with something so important. “I’ve always felt art should be accessible to everyone. That’s why I do the prints which allow everyone to own paintings of their hometown or college.”

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